Viser - Audio Spectrum Visualiser

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Audio Spectrum Analyser with multi colour dot matrix screen, comprehensive settings menu and power supply.

Features include:

  • Built-in microphone with variable gain for fine tuning to your room
  • 2 X built-in 3.5mm stereo audio passthrough connectors for use with audio equipment
  • Use the menu to select visualisation type, bar and peak dot colours, audio gain and limits.
  • Buttons located on the top to control menu selections
  • Screen measures 160mm X 80mm
  • The frame surrounding the screen is made from laser cut perspex and measures 180mm X 100mm X 45mm
  • 5 Volt / 6 Amp power supply is included with a UK plug - this can easily be converted to another country's connection by sourcing an IEC computer power cable or replacing the plug directly

Please read the instructions for more information:

Viser 1.0 Instructions