DMD Extender (Stern/Sega/Data East)

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This version of the DMD Extender is for Stern / Sega / Data East pinball machines only.

Send the pinball dot matrix display to a TV, monitor or projector. 
Uses a Raspberry Pi mini computer to process the dot matrix data and output to your preferred screen.

The kit contains...

  • DMD Extender
  • Micro SD Card and Adapter with DMD Extender software for Raspberry Pi
  • Ribbon Cable
  • Power cable and connector

You will need to supply...

  • Raspberry Pi - Model 1 A+/B+ or Zero / Zero W only
  • Video cable - Mini HDMI, DVI or Composite
  • TV, monitor or projector

If you are using a Pi Zero then don't forget to order your Zero Connection Pins.

If you are using a Pi A+ / B+ then don't forget to order your Composite Video Adapter.

    If you are replacing your existing screen with an LCD panel please read the Application Notes for more information and remember to order your LCD Install Kit.

    Please note that Raspberry Pi 2, 3 or 4 is not compatible with DMD Extender.