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  This is the home of the DMD Extender - take the pinball Dot Matrix Display and send it to a screen or projector. Great for the following uses...
  • Replace your plasma display with a full colour LCD screen
  • Add a small screen to the playfield
  • Show the DMD output on a large screen or projector - fantastic at competitions or shows.

To support you with these projects Dr Pinball can supply...

  • DMD Extender - comes with interface board, all necessary cables and software
  • LCD Install Kit - cable and mounting kit for replacing your plasma screen.

The DMD Extender supports most dot matrix games - Bally, Williams, Data East, Sega, Gottlieb*, P-ROC* and Stern. The product supports Sega 192 X 64 large screens.

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  DMD Extender  
  Send the pinball Dot Matrix Display to a TV, monitor or projector. Uses a Raspberry Pi mini computer to process the dot matrix data and output to your preferred screen. You can choose the colour of the dots to suit your game and easily add your own custom background graphics.  

Suitable for Bally, Williams, Data East, Sega (including large screen 192 X 64), Gottlieb*,
P-ROC* and Stern:
In Stock - 60 GBP plus delivery (Worldwide)

If you're replacing the plasma screen using the DMD Extender then you may want the LCD Install Kit:
In Stock - 10 GBP including delivery (Worldwide)


  Raspberry Pi Installation Addendum  
  NEW Please read the installation addendum for the Raspberry Pi - our latest board supports all models of the Pi. These instructions supersede the details given in other documents on this site.
  SD Card Information and Maintenance  
  NEW Please read the SD Card Information and Maintenance guide
  Application Notes  
  Take a look at our Application Notes documentation - full instructions on what to do with your DMD Extender.


  * Gottlieb, P-ROC - No power cable is available for these systems, please contact us for further information.  



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