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  DMD Extender  
  Out Of Stock - 60 GBP plus delivery
Delivery to UK is 5 GBP, to Europe and USA is 12 GBP, other destinations please enquire.

To order, please contact us at info (at) drpinball (dot) co (dot) uk

  Send the pinball dot matrix display to a TV, monitor or projector. Uses a Raspberry Pi mini computer to process the dot matrix data and output to your preferred screen.

The DMD Extender supports connection with Bally, Williams, Data East and Sega 128 X 32, Sega 192 X 64, Gottlieb, P-ROC and Stern.

See the Compatibility Guide on the Documentation page for compatibility with your pinball machine. The Usage and Installation guides on the Documentation page also give complete details of the system.

Have a look at our YouTube video of the DMD Extender in action...

The system includes the following items...

  • DMD Extender board
  • Software supplied on an SD card
  • Power cable for direct connection to your pinball - no external power needed
  • Ribbon cable for interfacing to the dot matrix display.

To complete the system the user must supply the following items...

  • Raspberry Pi mini computer
  • Video cable - composite / HDMI / DVI
  • TV, monitor or projector.

See the FAQ for details of the Raspberry Pi mini computer and where to purchase from.

  The DMD Extender software allows the user to change the screen appearance...
  • Add a bitmap image of your own choice that will be displayed above or below the dot matrix section - add graphics relating to your game or any text. Simply create an image with your favourite paint package and save onto the SD card
  • Add multiple background images to create an animation. Video below shows how this looks
  • Choose any colour for the dot matrix dots - easily select the colour of the screen dots including support for the 4 dot shades and background colour
  • Choose the location of the dot matrix section, either at the top, bottom or anywhere in between
  • Configuration options to suit any television or monitor - 16:9, 16:10, 4:3 etc
  • Supports Data East / Sega 192 X 64 large screens
  • Dot effects for horizontal, vertical CRT simulation, or a combination of both (ZX Speccy). Video below shows how this looks
  • Configuration utility to help you setup the Extender and get the most out of its features
  • Preview Feature - set the colours away from the pinball using a recorded preview of your game's dots
  • Remove and insert the SD Card without powering off the pinball machine - new settings are immediately used
  • Cut and Paste shared colour palettes
  DMD Extender Dot Effects Demonstration - Twilight Zone (Bally)

DMD Extender Animated Backgrounds Demonstration - Twilight Zone (Bally)

  Customer Videos...  
  See what some of our customers have done with their DMD Extenders...



DMD Extender using a gaming projector - Tales From The Crypt (Data East)


DMD Extender running on a small screen installed onto the playfield - Terminator (Bally/Williams)


DMD Extender driving an LCD panel replacing the plasma display - Maverick (Sega)




Raspberry Pi Inside